Light Is For Everyone...

Cool Shade, August 2012

The Village of Cool Shade Receives Solar lamps from the Rotary Club of Boerne

Cool Shade is a small close knit community. The people are hard working and friendly. The community comes together regularly to discuss way in which they can work together to improve the overall prosperity of the Village. Unfortunately these meetings are difficult to arrange because the residents spend all day working and do not have the time to arrange regular meetings.

After the delivery of solar powered lights from the Grid Earth Project, these community meetings are held once a week in the evening. The community comes together and meets in a well lit area. Because the lamps provided to each household are portable, the families can take them along with them and when all the families come together with their solar lamps, it illuminates a large area. It its also much more comfortable to have their meetings after sundown when it is much cooler. In addition to all the other benefits of safe, non toxic solar powered lighting in Cool Shade it also has had a social impact.

Many thanks to the Rotary Club of Boerne, Texas for supporting this distribution.

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