Light Is For Everyone...

Lord's Bank, August 2011

Lord's Bank Receives Solar Lights

The recipients in Lord's Bank were thrilled to be able to see, read and breath safer at night.

The World Health Organization estimates that nearly 2.5 million people die each year as a result of kerosene used for home lighting. The majority are under 14 years old.

On the outskirts of city of nearly 4000 people, sits the original village of Lord's Banks. Although electricity has been provided to the new homes built in the area, there are no plans to provide power to those residents of the original village just outside of town. The reasoning behind this decision is purely monetary. The size and number of the households located there are simply not worth the investment for the power company.

We met one young girl who walks a mile in the dark, in order to do her homework under a street lamp. Obviously, during bad weather this is impossible, but even in good weather it is a dangerous proposition.

Tonight she will be doing her homework in the safety of her home, under a clean, bright light.

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