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Los Tambos, May 2013

Grid Earth Project and 1% Club light Los Tambos with Waka Waka Solar Lights

The Village of Los Tambos is located on a plateau over the jungle canopy. It is very easy to become lost with the curving roads and lack of road signs. After a long journey, this sign to Los Tambos was a welcome sight.

Grid Earth Project volunteers prepare for the solar powered light distribution, while the villagers are assembling in their community area for the Grid Earth Project solar light distribution.

A Grid Earth Project team member illustrates the use and care of the solar light. Sustainability is also discussed. Kerosene can cost up to 40% of a families income. These savings can be used to permanently break the cycle of poverty. The instructions and information are also translated into Spanish to insure that there is no language barrier. The Chairman, Sebastian Beilalta, begins to read the names of each family so that they can come forward and receive their solar light.A representative from each family comes forward to receive their light. This is a joyful day in Los Tambos.

Respiratory illness caused by kerosene's toxic fumes is the number one cause of death in children under the age of five in these areas without access to electricity. This baby will never again be forced to breath these fumes in his home. The parents of Los Tambos have prayed for a better life for their children. The solar lights provided by the Grid Earth Project will save lives, improve health, promote education, and increase economic opportunities.

Mothers will no longer burn kerosene lamps or candles at their baby's bedside while they sleep. The solar lights provided by the Grid Earth Project can be set on the low setting and allow the mothers to safely watch over their babes each night without danger of burns, fumes, and fires.


According the world Health Organization, a kerosene lamps provides only 1/30 of the light required for reading. The solar lights provided by the Grid Earth Project are 30 times brighter than kerosene lamp. These students will be able to complete their homework tonight with safe, bright solar light.

A Grid Earth Project team member shares the precious gift of light with a local child. One child that will not remember a time when her home was lit by a kerosene lamp.

The Village of Los Tambos gather together to thank of those whose generosity provided these lights and have who have permanently improved the health and lives of their community.

TEST This project was funded by generous donations through the 1% Club.  

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