Light Is For Everyone...

Nagu Bank, March 2011

The Residents of Nagu Bank, Belize Receive New Solar Powered Household LED Lamps from Grid Earth Project

"Now I will have light and not have to struggle to read my homework."

The residents anxiously gathered on the river bank. The Grid Earth Project volunteers were pleased with the response and happy to donate the solar powered household lamps as part of their mission to eliminate dependence on toxic kerosene for lighting in their homes.

Until now, the people of this village have depended on kerosene and candles to provide light after dark. In many situations, homework and other necessary activities would go unfinished. This was a simple solution Grid Earth Project was proud to provide at no cost to the residents of Nagu Bank.

The Grid Earth Project is a US based Charity whose mission is to save lives, improve health, promote education, increase economic opportunities in underdeveloped areas of the world by providing solar-powered household lighting.

There is now one more village using clean, sustainable & safe lighting. Grid Earth Project would like to extend a special thanks to the Belizean Ministry of Rural Development, LEDtronics, Inc. and to the people of Bomba Village.

You can support the Grid Earth Project today with a donation to help fund more safe lighting projects.

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