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Rockstone Pond, March 2011

The Residents Of Rockstone Pond Receive New Solar Powered Household Led Lamps From The Grid Earth Project

Altun Ha was a significant trading center settled around 250 BC with about 10,000 Mayans living in and around this area. The ruins are visited by tourists typically by bus. Unfortunately, all the tourists pass right by the village on their way to the ruins without knowledge of their hardships. The village relies on the sales of handcrafted wares to the tourists to live. The villagers have a strip of stands to help sell their wares right outside the entrance to the ruins.

In March 2011, Grid Earth Project, a US-based Charity with a mission to bring solar powered lamps to underdeveloped villages donated solar powered household lamps to all the residents of Rockstone Pond Village. With no access to electricity, the village relies on alternative light sources such as wood fires or candles for lighting. The Grid Earth Project donated safe solar powered household lamps to all the households in Rockstone Pond. The Grid Earth Project also educates the residents on how to properly use the solar lights and the importance of the safety and health issues related to the use of alternate light sources.

There is no comparison in the amount of light and efficiency of the solar lamp.

The Grid Earth Project, a US based Charity has a simple mission:

To save lives, improve health, promote education and improve economic opportunities by providing solar-powered household lighting.

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