Light Is For Everyone...

San Marcos, January 2013

Rotary Club of La Grange Brings Light to The Village of San Marcos.

"Saving Lives with Solar Lights"

Almost 2 billion people live without access to electricity, many depending on dangerous fuels like kerosene to light their homes. Kerosene kills millions of people annually from burns and respiratory illnesses.

Most of the victims are children.

San Marcos is a beautiful lush forested area in the Spanish Lookout of Belize. They are however remote and have no access to the electrical grid. The Rotary Club of La Grange, Texas is furnishing solar LED household lamps for each family in San Marcos. This will move the village 150 years into the future in lighting.

The savings eliminated by the cost of kerosene can pay a child's tuition and determine whether or not they have the opportunity to attend school. The Grid Earth Project has followed the progress of previous villages which have converted to solar powered LED light and have seen a marked increase in the test scores and reading abilities. Simultaneously, injuries and breathing problems related to the toxic fumes have disappeared.

It is the Grid Earth Project's goal to work with as many clubs as possible to eliminate this needless suffering.

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