Light Is For Everyone...

San Mateo, March 2012

The San Pedro Sun Highlights Grid Earth's Recent Donation To The Children Of San Mateo

The San Pedro Sun, an online newspaper in Belize, highlighted the Grid Earth Projects latest trip to San Mateo. Grid Earth's mission was to donate 50 solar powered LED lights to the children to help them to read or study at night. Almost all the homes in the San Mateo district have no access to electricity or dependable light. Many of the families use harmful kerosene or candles. They barely have enough kerosene or candles for light while cooking and eating let alone any to spare for the children to study. The solar powered lights can charge all day and can give the children a good 6-8 hours of light at night for reading and studying. Grid Earth Project's mission is to donate solar powered LED lamps to underdeveloped villages with no access to electricity who are dependent on biomass fuels or noxious kerosene for light.

Please read the Sun Pedro Sun story here and share with the world.

The Grid Earth Project would like to extend a special thank you to Chris and Jo Beaumont and the entire staff of the The Palms Hotel for their significant contribution to the project which made the San Mateo project possible.

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