Light Is For Everyone...

Santa Teresita, October 2012

Lions Club of Paige, Texas with Grid Earth Project Bring Safe Solar Light to Families of Santa Teresita

"According to the World Health Organization: A kerosene lantern produces 1/30th of the light required for reading."

There exists in Cayo District a village that is located on a plateau above the jungle canopy. The climate is cooler because of the altitude, but there are some farming opportunities. The jungle is thick below the plateau, and in the evenings you can hear the unmistakable sound of howler monkeys.

Until recently Santa Teresita existed primarily the same way after sundown as it has for the past 150 years; lighting homes by means of kerosene lamps, candles or just living in darkness.

Kerosene only produces 1/30th of the adequate light required for reading and the students must be so close to the lantern that it is impossible not to inhale the toxic fumes. Students also reported that the smoke produced from the lanterns had a tendency to burn their eyes after only a short time, thus reducing the amount of work they were able to accomplish.

Kerosene lanterns cause 2.5 million deaths each year due to burns and respiratory illness, most are children under 14.

These tragedies will no longer occur in Santa Teresita

Through the generosity of the Paige Lions Club and support from surrounding Lions Clubs enough funds were generated to provide every home in Santa Teresita with a solar lamp.

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