Light Is For Everyone...

St. Matthew's Village, May 2013

The Grid Earth Project Helps the Village of St. Matthew's Convert from Kerosene to Solar Light

The Village of St. Matthew's anxiously awaited the Grid Earth Project distribution of Waka Waka solar powered lights from the Grid Earth Project, to replace the toxic and dangerous kerosene lamps currently being used.


Grid Earth Project volunteer Audrey Cochran and Village Chairman Efrain Paris introduce the villagers to their new lights, discuss the features, and sustainability; ways to utilized the savings now that kerosene will no longer be needed to light their homes.


Respiratory illness is the number one cause of death in children under the age of 5 in areas without access to electricity. The toxic fumes permanently damage their developing lungs. Most do not survive.

This mother and baby patiently wait for their names to be called to receive their solar light.


Grid Earth Project volunteers distribute the solar lights. The Village Chairman has prepared a list of each family living without access to electricity. As Chairman Paris calls their names, a representative of each family comes forward to receive their light. Every family in the village without access to electricity will receive their lamp today!


1000 people world wide dies every day because of kerosene lamps, most of them are children. Children are afraid of the dark, parents leave kerosene lamps or candles burning low next to their bedside. The results can be tragic. This little girl will grow up safe from that tragedy.


These mothers are so pleased to now have safe light for their children to complete their school homework assignments. Parents are making sacrifices to keep their children in school, but it is nearly impossible to keep up with their studies using candles and kerosene lamps. Between the toxic fumes, burning eyes, the heat from the flame - students are rarely able to complete all of their work. This will no longer be a problem for this young woman.


The young children of the Village of St. Matthew's will not remember ever using kerosene lamps, but their parents will and they are grateful to all those who made it possible for their children to grow up with safe solar powered lights


The primary school of the Village of St. Matthew's has 350 children who were previously unable to study safely after sun set each night. This little boy is just beginning elementary school and will have the benefit of safe solar light as he completes his studies.


The smiling faces of the villagers shows their joy at receiving this precious gift of light. There will no longer be burns from matches and candle wax. Kerosene related h Household fires will be a thing of the past.


100 families in St. Matthew's Village received solar powered light. Every family without access to electricity will have safe solar light tonight. Following the distribution the villagers gathered to thank all those who made it possible to bring these solar lights to their village. This project was funded by generous donations through the 1% club.

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